Elight Sun serise-COB400W-Led Grow(Plant) Light
Elight Sun serise-COB900W-Led Grow(Plant) Light
Elight600W-CREE LED-High Power Led Grow(Plant) Light
Elight960W-CREE LED-High Power Led Grow(Plant) Light
Elight600W-CREE LED-High Power Led Grow(Plant) Light

Elight600W-CREE LED-High Power Led Grow(Plant) Light

Product Code: Elight350
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Key Attributes General Attributes Technical Specifications
Actual Power: 350W
Output Watt600W
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): 3516.3
Par Value: 2980.3Umol
Optical Lens Frequency: 50/60HZLED
Input Voltage: 100-240V
CRI (Ra>): 75
Color Temperature(CCT): R/O/B/IR
Working Temperature: -20℃ - 40℃
Working Lifetime: 50000h
Light Source: Cree Led
LED Qty: 200PCS
Body Material: Aluminum
IP Rating: IP54
Wavelength Range: from 380nm to 800nm
Weight: 25 (pounds)
Product size: 2.2*0.9*0.23 (foot)
Package Size: 2.5*1.15*0.55 (foot)
Certification: CE, RoHS, SAA, UL
Warranty: 3 years

Elight 600W Descriptions:

Elight-series is our best LED Grow Light, The application of Led Grow Light to the green house and agricultural production, The Elight-series are using CREE LED chip which has powerful penetrability. For indoor garden, the plant will getting worse when they are lack of light exposure. They need led grow light which give plant the full spectrum. The spectrum of our Led lights can cover from 400nm to700nm, which is not like red and blue led grow light.It can give you better growth and abundant harvests. You do not need other lights and just use one Full Spectrum Led Grow light, which can cover from the seed to the bloom. According to the test, the wavelength of the light can be well suitable for the growth of indoor plants and bloom. The bloom would grow worse and worse if there was no sufficient sunshine. But through the spectrum of led grow lights, the growth of plants can be promoted and the florescence can be extended as well, which will improve the quality of the blooms and increase the yield.










Custormer Reviews

andrew perry on 28/04/2014
1 reviews
well wow what can i say, i will never use hps or mh again, elightoo LED lights are the best for many reasons, they are super efficiant with both veg and bloom light spectrum so no need to swap bulbs as you can use elightoo LED lights from start to finish, the light gives off hardly any heat and gives the plants the right light so that the plants will thrive, i can personly say that the elightoo LED lights are awesome, ive saved a fortune on electric as the cost to run the led is very little with a better light source than any other lights on the market, the elightoo LED is compact so takes up hardly any room in your grow space and you will not be dissapointed with the results or its performance, if you have any problems with the light the staff at elightoo are very polite and will resolve the problem straight away, the light is easy to maintain and with 3yrs warranty you cant go wrong! why shop anywhere else when elightoo LED,s are the best! thanks elightoo you are amazing :)

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1 Minute for disassembling and reassembly

Replace any component within 1 minutes without any special tools and/or expertise

Unique technique of standard module design.

Key components LED optic lens, PCBs, heat sinks and power supplies are designed into standard modules respectively, so as to achieve PNP?and inter-changeable within H-4 series of product.

Latest X2 LED optic lens

X2 optic lens is the latest optic technology for high lighting efficiency. 25% or more of light efficiency will be improved.

Air-circulation system designed to improve the plants' photosynthesis and growth

Latest power supply with low frequency pulse increases 25% of the plants growth

Unique function of self-checking and indication for malfunction

R&D an online self-checking technique .Once any malfunction occurred, self-checking circuit will light the LED, which in the centre of each light-module to indicate abnormal performance or malfunction that should be fixed.

Conveniently Cross-connection of X2 products with Daisy-chain power cord design

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